JackIt exploits the MouseJack vulnerability, and is capable of injecting keystrokes in many Logitech and Microsoft keyboards and mice from hundreds of meters away.


Microcontroller MouseJack is an embedded version of the JackIt tool. It uses an ATMega32u4 and an NRF24L01+ radio to perform completely automated attacks.


uDuck is a low-cost disposable HID injector.


RSulley is a Ruby language port of Pedram Amini’s Sulley fuzzer.  It’s missing some features of Sulley, but uses a Ruby DSL to define fuzz cases.  This makes it simple and intuitive to build new fuzzing tests.  For more advanced block-based fuzzing, I would recommend Peach Fuzzer by Deva Vu Security.


UFuzz (Universal Plug and Fuzz) is an automated UPnP fuzzer for finding bugs in embedded systems. Read more about it here.


Nice little script to log into an embedded target using telnet an enumerate which processes are listening on which ports. You can ignore the NAT entries, this field does not work on most targets.

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