Free exploits? Yes please!

Fortinet FSSO Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-2281)

Fortinet FSSO DCAgent Overflow

XBMC EventServer API command execution

Plex Media Server CSRF-based drive-by exploit

D-Link DCS Camera – DCP protocol command execution

HomeSeer HS3 Code Execution

Netgear Telnet Enabler

Netgear UPnP CSRF

WDMyCloud Command Injection CSRF

Belkin Netcam UPnP Command Injection

Belkin Wemo SmartSwitch UPnP Remote Command Injection

3 thoughts on “Exploits”

    1. Not really. It’s just the language that I know best. Metasploit also makes exploit development simpler. At work I mostly use Python because it’s easier to maintain.

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