This site was created as a learning tool–to help me document my process as I research various things I find interesting. Posting here keeps me disciplined and focused on security research.

Security research is an interesting hobby, with many facets to uncover. This blog will focus on consumer electronics, home automation and end-user software (stuff connected to the magical buzzwords “the Internet of Things”). Many very smart and talented people are already hard at work on the enterprise side of things: hardening enterprise tools, software and devices, which is why I like to focus on the other side of the coin–the technologies in use at the consumer level.

Some of the topics, research, discoveries and disclosures posted here may be controversial to some–they may expose unknown and/or unpatched vulnerabilities in hardware and software. I’m sorry if you find that offensive. It is my opinion that manufacturers, especially those targeting the consumer, have no incentive to fix what should not have been broken to begin with. Only through full disclosure will consumers be able to vote with their wallets.

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